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Attendance Policy for Academies of Cosmetology, Inc.

Students are expected to attend school regularly and punctually. If a student is ill or an emergency situation arises, they must notify the school office. Unexcused absences must be made up by the student prior to graduation, and the student may be subject to paying additional charges. A student may also face suspension for unexcused absences. If it is evident to school administration that a student does not have enough time to make up subject matter missed and still complete on time, they may be suspended. A student suspended for unsatisfactory attendance must receive individual counseling before re-entry. If a student is more than five minutes late for class, they must obtain permission from the instructor to enter class. Students must make up all of the time they missed before graduation.

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Making Up Work

Students must also make up chapter tests at the discretion of the instructor. The student is required to obtain any notes for missed classes. Veteran Administration students who have unexcused absences exceeding three days per month will be terminated from their benefits. If their attendance improves, they may be recertified after one month for Veteran Administration benefits. Veteran students whose benefits have been terminated may remain in school if they continue to meet all other school criteria. Students receiving Pell Grants and/or loan funding must have good continuous attendance with minimal absenteeism. Leave of absence will be granted for unusual circumstances. Class cuts will not be tolerated and will be grounds for immediate suspension. Makeup work will be given only when a student has had an excused absence.

Tardiness and Absences

Students are allowed five minutes of grace time to enter school. However, if a student is more than five minutes late, he or she will be considered tardy and will require the appropriate number of demerits. If a student is terminated for excessive unexcused absences (three days per month for VA students), they must make some statement in writing to the director reaffirming a commitment to the school. Students are expected to complete their training within a reasonable period of time.

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